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Hosting Services

Case Study: Yacht Management Group

The problem: A small, independent company needed to give a handful of its widely distributed employees the ability to access shared Excel documents. The employees also wanted to access Outlook remotely so they could share contacts and track one another's appointments while on the road.

The solution: CCA recommended a hosted solution, which not only met the company's needs, but saved considerable time, expense and effort. Rather than coming up with the capital to purchase an expensive and depreciating server and going through the hassle of developing and maintaining a complex, remote-access security system, the company had CCA host its data. Now, company employees can easily access, manage, and share documents all via the internet - from wherever they are. What's more, our hosting solutions provided all the benefits typically afforded to large enterprises, including seamless smart phone synchronization. Within days of contacting CCA, the company's employees were successfully accessing and sharing secured documents from the road - without investing time or capital.

Backup Services

Case Study: Doctors Office

The problem: A medical office with multiple locations in Connecticut needed to maintain control of sensitive patient data

The solution: Due to privacy and security concerns associated with medical files, CCA recommended connecting the medical offices with a private high-speed data circuit instead of the publicly-accessible Internet. To implement this backup solution, CCA's staff installed a network-attached storage device at a remote office and configured the server to back up data after hours. CCA's recommendations resulted in a cost-effective, automatic solution that ensured the privacy and security of patients' data.

Remote Monitoring and Managed Services

Case Study: Equipment Distributor

The problem: A major equipment distributor's mail server was under attack. Had the problem gone undetected, the server would have become overloaded and e-mail service would have stopped.

The solution: Within weeks of implementing our managed services to monitor its e-mail server and other critical systems, CCA detected a significant spike in e-mail use. Had the activity gone unchecked, the server would have become overwhelmed, causing a complete failure of e-mail communication. Early detection allowed CCA to implement a solution quickly and remotely, preventing a potentially devastating interruption of service.

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